Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MAC Applescript to toggle Safari Socks Proxy State

Mac Yosemite

Toggle Socks proxy state in safari using Apple script

set socksStatus to do shell script "networksetup -getsocksfirewallproxy Wi-fi | grep Enabled"

if (offset of "Yes" in socksStatus) = 0 then
do shell script "networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxystate Wi-fi On"
display notification "Status: Socks Enabled" & socksStatus
do shell script "networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxystate Wi-fi Off"
display notification "Status: Socks disabled" & socksStatus

end if

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Calories Burned: Elliptical vs. Treadmill Which one is better? Both has same benefits and calorie burn.

HealthFitness Article

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do you work for one Boss?

The following is the opinion of the writer and is not intended to malign any organization, company, gender or individual. The views of the writer are his own based on experience and do not in any way reflect the views of the site they are posted on.

Boss theory: Do you work for one Boss or many?

Most organization looks like the Matrix Organization. In these kind of structure, you report to functional manager in administrative capacity. You may be team member in multiple project so you have to report to Multiple project managers.

Is Boss a worker? Yes indeed and reporting to different heads. Everyone is after something, deadline/target/business goal/expansion/cost saving/enhancement/analytics/forecasting etc.. Primary objective of the boss becomes a elite delivery body. What I mean by that is receiving the commands and executing. You don't get the corner office by doing the best in your field. You get by delivering and  ensuring the other layer looks good by your work.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Singapore Trip plan

Singapore: Highly diverse population. Reflecting this diversity, the country has four official languages: English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil

Stayed Two nights and Three days

Hotel Check-In, Refresh

City tour bus

Gardens by the bay


 Singapore Flyer

Sentosa Island Aquarium
Night Safari


by செ.குமார்

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tennis Learning through web contents...

With Tennis, depending on your style of play, each element could make a big difference.

I have learned many thing through my experience over the time. Wish there is some shortcut to learn the tricks quickly and adjust your style of play. But each step takes a while to get used too.

How to hold the tennis racquet
I held the racquet like a hammer. With the help of this video I changed my grip, adjustment helped me a lot with my top spin.

Switching Tennis grip for forehand and backhand

Tennis Elbow Explained in Medical terms

Tennis Elbow Brace
I tried several and like the followng brands. BandIT, AirCast - Where to buy? Amazon or Sports Authority
Elbow exercise
Squeeze palm size stress ball or FlexEx Hand Exerciser

Arm Friendly Tennis Racquet Analysis
Prince EX03 Tour worked out the best for me. I use Wilson NXT Tour string.

Tennis shoe
Shoe choice depends on your foot structure. In my case, I have high Arch. I tried prince T22, Nike and Addidas.
T22 cause knee pain for me.
Addidas Barricade 7.0 worked the best for me with pinnacle insert for my Arch support.
Update: With Barricade 7.0, I do get pain at the back of heel. I wear two socks to avoid cramp or use ankle brace

Knee joins
Depends on the injury. I am using McDavid jumper's knee strap which works great.
Or for more support McDavid Patella knee brace is good.

Favorite Tennis store in north Jersey:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Personal Media File Management

My digital photography and video files are saved in multiple devices, What can I do, how to organize in one location and manage! Let us see how I got there.

Files are stored in different folders, same file name is used in different location.

Step-1: Rename files and move them in <yyyy> and under subfolder <yyyy_mm> by month

Challenge: Duplicate media file names.

Written a VBScript to rename files in current folder based on date and timestamp <yyyymmdd_hhmmss>. If wants to execute the script in multiple folders, used an input file with folder names to execute (didn't want to execute the logic in every folder).

For duplicate filenames, additional suffix is added like <space>(n) in file name.

Executed the batch in all media file devices (USB drive, Laptop, etc..)

Step-2: Consolidation.

Used "Beyond compare" ( tool to analyze folders in different devices and to ensure all files are copied in one place, to my Laptop. For e.g. photos consolidated to C:\photos\<yyyy>\<yyyy_mm> and videos under C:\videos\<yyyy>\<yyyy_mm>.

If you don't want to buy licensed software you can use Robocopy command line tool.

Step-3: Remove duplicates

Challenge: Eliminate duplicates files in a folder based on filesize and binary comparison.

SearchMyFile Utility:
Freeware like "searchMyFiles" can scan for duplicate files by filesize and automatically carry out binary comparison on duplicate files. The duplicate file information can then be copied into Excel and generate your own script to move duplicate files into a temp folder or delete.

Easy Duplicate Finder:
Free version of the tool, scans for duplicate files and review the contents as you scroll. Just to spot check!  
Wow.. Too many steps. I know, I know.. I don't have time to write everything in a program.

This article is meant for techies. If you want any of my VBS codes, reach out to me. Love to hear from you!

by செ.குமார்